It all started in 2008, when we built our first community of fashion influencers. Back then, we were named as the "next big thing" by Teen Vogue. Today, some called us the "OG" influencers.
Despite starting with zero marketing budget, the site grew to 10 million page views per month and over 1 million pieces of organic content were created. Our community boomed to over 250,000 members. Amongst our first members were Song of Style, Hapatime, and Tyler Oakley.
Today, there are many influencer agencies out there who say they can build followings. We show you. Our own brand, Creator Deck has 5 million+ social followers across IG, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Tiktok, Twitch, etc.

numbers speak

100 %
referral business
for agency
+ 542
in 2019
influencer partnerships
in 2019

How do we work with our customers?


For the company who has a dedicated budget and is looking to scale influencer marketing, but doesn’t have a large team, our agency steps in to power your success with white glove service alongside our platform. This is typically an annual commitment.


For the company that has a dedicated budget and a dedicated team to manage influencer relationships, but needs to put a process in place, we provide our software platform to super charge your scaling capacity.


For the company that has a dedicated budget, team, and existing software solution in place, we help shape influencer strategy, execution, reporting, and enhance influencer feedback loops. This is typically an agency service only engagement.

How do we work with our partners?

As a company founded by minority women, we strongly believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion. You can read about our pledge here. At the root of every interaction are our core values to show care, build credibility, make an impact, and think toward the future, and be genuine.
While we are minority women, we are also Americans. We are mothers. We are entrepreneurs. But above all, we are humans. Humanity first is how we approach each other, our clients, our influencer partners, and our vendors. We believe this is the way to becoming a better business and better individuals. If you ever have questions or concerns about how we have conducted ourselves in our interactions with you, please email