Frequently Asked Questions


What is an influencer?
Passion driven individuals who have built a social following based on sharing content about their interest to their audience.
What can influencers do for my brand?
• Increase brand awareness • Create content • Increase SEO ranking • Increase website conversion • Help you build a better product and a better brand message
What can influencers during COVID-19?
Even before COVID-19, delivering brand messages is a moving target across multiple social and traditional touchpoints that requires nimbleness to keep up with that most national retailers don’t possess. Now, it is even harder. With deep existing credibility in the space and continuous contact with their audiences, influencers can help you navigate shifting consumer behaviors and trends, provide insight and trend forecasting and create branded content from their home studios.


How is Creator Deck SaaS Solutions different from Creator Deck Media?
Creator Deck SaaS solutions is our technology platform designed to support everyone from influencer marketing and social media managers to CMOs in optimizing their influencer marketing workflow, collecting data and understanding ROI. Creator Deck Media is our agency service in the influencer marketing space. Both are standalone offerings, with many clients choosing to go with a hybrid of our services and product.
What does Creator Deck SaaS Solution offer?
Creator Deck SaaS solution offers a comprehensive influencer marketing toolkit for a wide range of workflows, including: - Influencer discovery - Campaign management - Reporting and ROI - Content management and repository
How is Creator Deck SaaS Solutions priced?
We have a scaling pricing structure based on features our client needs. You are able to include or omit most features based on your needs.
How can I find out more about specific features?
Feel free to submit our contact form linked below, and a team member will reach out to book a demo or provide more details!